Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Wet pipe systems are the most common fire sprinkler system and Precision Fire Protection’s most common installation.

A wet pipe system has water constantly inside of its piping. Wet pipe sprinkler systems have a small number of components that can malfunction.  The simplicity of wet pipe systems become important in places where a wet pipe system might not be maintained for an undetermined amount of time.

Wet pipe sprinkler systems require the least amount of installation time and capital.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

A dry pipe sprinkler system is another common system Precision Fire Protection offers.

We have extensive experience installing these systems safely and effectively. In a dry pipe sprinkler system, pipes are filled with nitrogen or pressurized air, not water. Dry pipe sprinkler systems provide protection in spaces where low temperatures can freeze water. dry pipe installations typically include attics, unheated warehouses, exposed loading docks, and commercial freezers.

Dry pipe sprinkler systems do not offer any advantage over wet pipe systems in most cases.

Preaction Sprinkler Systems

Precision Fire Protection has extensive experience in pre-action fire sprinkler systems. Dry pipe sprinkler systems typically don’t have water in its pipes. The difference between pre-action fire sprinkler systems and other systems is that water is controlled by an electrically operated valve, known as a pre-action valve. The electrically operated valve is controlled by independent smoke, flame, or heat detection.

Two separate events must happen to initiate sprinkler discharge. First, the detection system must identify a developing fire and then open the pre-action valve. This allows water to flow into system piping, which effectively creates a wet pipe sprinkler system. Second, individual sprinkler heads must release to permit water flow onto the fire.

In some instances, the pre-action fire sprinkler system may be set up with a double interlock in which pressurized air or nitrogen is added to system piping. The purpose of this feature is two-fold: first to monitor piping for leaks and second to hold water from system piping in the event of inadvertent detector operation. The most common application for this system type is in freezer warehouses.

Deluge Sprinkler Systems

When heat or smoke is detected, a deluge system will activate a deluge valve to discharge water throughout all of the sprinkler heads in its system. Deluge Systems are typically used when high-velocity suppression is required.

Deluge systems differ from conventional type sprinkler systems because all of the nozzles in the system are open and when water is released through the system it flows from all discharge devices.

Deluge fire sprinkler systems are generally found in industrial type hazards like power plants, aircraft hangars, chemical storage, or processing facilities that require coverage of a large area.

Seismic Sway Bracing

Precision Fire Protection finds it very important that your building is safe for decades. Sway Bracing is one of the most important nonstructural elements that can be damaged in an earthquake is the automatic sprinkler system. Unbraced, or inadequately braced, sprinkler systems can be damaged by even modest earthquakes when pipes, fittings, and sprinkler heads are exposed to seismic forces and/or contact walls, beams, ceilings and other building features.

It is estimated that more than 55,000 earthquakes are felt worldwide each year. While we typically associate earthquakes with structural damage such as cracks, shifting, and collapse, the impact to nonstructural building contents, systems and structures can be just as devastating.

Our company seeks to provide the very best and everlasting fire sprinkler system, call us today for a quote!

Standpipe Systems

A Standpipe is installed within a multi-story building at a vertical position, which is a rigid piping that fire hoses can be connected to, allowing manual access to pressurized water. A standpipe essentially serves the same function as a fire hydrant. These systems are very reliable and provide protection to property and lives. Precision Fire Protection, Inc. specializes in installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of standpipe systems.

Wet Standpipes are filled with water and are always pressurized. They are also equipped with hoses so that building occupants can use the system in an event of a fire.

Dry standpipe systems are fixed into buildings, firefighters attach hoses to fill and pressurize

Fire Pumps

A fire pump supplies higher pressure to a fire sprinkler system’s water supply, and to fire sprinkler system risers and hose standpipes.

Fire pumps are powered by steam, diesel, or electricity. When the local building code requires electricity independent of the local electrical power grid, a pump using an electrical motor may utilize, when connected via a recorded transfer switch, the setup of an emergency generator.

When the pressure in the fire sprinkler system drops below a required threshold, the fire pump starts to maintain pressure. Also, if a local water system cannot provide enough pressure to meet hydraulic design requirements of a fire sprinkler system, a fire pump will be used to make up the difference in water pressure.

Fire pumps are usually used if a building is very tall, or in systems that require high terminal pressure.

Underground Piping

Precision Fire Protection can quote and install underground piping when other organizations do not. Our team has extensive experience with underground piping.

Water Storage Tanks

Fire suppression water tanks deliver dedicated sources of water meant to supply automatic sprinkler and fire suppression systems. Fire suppression water tanks can store considerable quantities of water to buildings which don’t have any access to water, or where water pressure and volume are insufficient to extinguish a fire.

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Our team started in the fire protection industry over 20 years ago. Since then we have grown into a statewide fire protection construction leader. Our team of project managers, engineers, designers, inspectors, installers, and technicians all share a passion for quality work and high standards. Precision Fire Protection understands the need to complete projects with integrity, safety, and precision!


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Precision Fire Protection keeps its team together, even when it's not. Just as vital as field personnel’s tools are, our project managers are equipped with the latest software to manage projects. Our project managers send dailies, RFIs, and plan revisions to the cloud so that everyone has access no matter where they are. Being connected is our way of ensuring every project goes smoothly.


Our team of multi-certified managers and supervisors are highly experienced in job safety. Our managers are OSHA certified to handle each project with care and sensitivity to every unique job site. By ensuring on-site safety on every project we work on throughout Southern California, Precision Fire Protection has developed positive relationships with our General Contractors.

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