FM-200 Fire Suppression System

The FM-200 is one of Precision Fire Protection’s most contracted suppression systems. The FM-200 system is a Clean Agent Fire Suppressant and is the most popular of the clean agent fire suppression systems. FM-200 is rated for use in Class A, B, and C type fires. It’s kept as a liquid and vaporizes when it is released.

Precision Fire Protection has extensive experience in installing FM-200 systems.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression

Precision Fire Protection offers a CO2 fire suppression system that is a perfect option as an extinguishing agent for a selection of applications. Each CO2 systems are made to deliver an automated discharge for surface-type fires and potential deep-seated fires. The use of CO2 is a low-cost, clean agent. The release of carbon dioxide is non-damaging to property and non-conductive. This being said these systems are excellent for saving electrical and computer equipment in the case of a flame.

Low pressure and high-pressure CO2 systems are flexible, efficient and fast in response to a wide variety of hazards. The low-pressure concept is worth considering when quantities of CO2 are larger than roughly one ton. When multiple hazards have to be protected within a single center. Or, when sparks are common and frequent recharge of the system will be essential.

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression

Precision Fire Protection can install dry chemical suppression systems that usually found in industrial settings or environments that cannot be drenched in water. Dry chemical methods utilize Class ABC or Class BC dry chemical compounds to effectively extinguish fires wherever and whenever water is inaccessible. Since dry chemical systems are rechargeable, Precision Fire Protection can recharge and install these systems easily to any industrial or commercial construction, these systems offer easy access and are effective to use. Since they’re non-conductive, they are sometimes used to not only quell fires in ordinary combustible materials but also on flammable liquid fires that involve electronics.

We comply with NFPA 17 (Standard for Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems) and NFPA 33 (Standard for Spray Application to safely use on flammable and combustible materials).

Foam Fire Suppression Systems

Precision Fire Protection foam suppression systems are characterized as low, medium and high emergency substances. Low foam is usually utilized to extinguish flammable or combustible liquid fires and used as a flammable vapor barrier. Medium and high expansion foam systems have been utilized protect rooms or areas that are hard or impossible to reach. These systems are typically used to protect aircraft hangars, flammable liquid storage, and liquid all-natural gas spills. Fire suppression foam is constituted of three components: foam concentrate, water, and air. When blended correctly, these components form a foam blanket which extinguishes flames from the joint mechanisms of cooling, separating the flame in the surface, restraining vapors, and smothering. This makes foam suppression systems a great choice for shielding flammable and combustible fluids. Precision Fire Protection looks to install all types of suppression systems, contact us today.

Water Mist Fire Suppression

Precision Fire Protection brings a new alternative to Wet Fire Sprinkler systems

Rapid fire fighting: As water mist cools the flame and eliminates the oxygen, so it also contributes to faster fire fighting.  As a result of cooling effect of water, re-ignition is prevented.

Less harm: Water harm is maintained at a minimum as a result of minimal water intake of this high pressure water irrigation system.  The water mist fire suppression system could be deployed immediately, leading to less damage.

Slimming time down: The low amount of harm frequently means less down time, leading to considerably lower prices.  There’s not any requirement to fill cylinders, saving costly refilling time and total expenses.

No need for additional installments: The pump device occupies little space and requires no special room or secure storage.  Easy and fast installation is possible as a result of small pipe dimensions and very low system weight.

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Our team started in the fire protection industry over 20 years ago. Since then we have grown into a statewide fire protection construction leader. Our team of project managers, engineers, designers, inspectors, installers, and technicians all share a passion for quality work and high standards. Precision Fire Protection understands the need to complete projects with integrity, safety, and precision!


Our mission is to provide our customers with timely, high quality, affordable fire protection services that are guaranteed. We strive to achieve our client’s complete satisfaction. We are relentless in applying the highest ethical standards to ourselves and to our services and in communications with our customers. ​We aim to fulfill that mission in everything we do.


Precision Fire Protection keeps its team together, even when it's not. Just as vital as field personnel’s tools are, our project managers are equipped with the latest software to manage projects. Our project managers send dailies, RFIs, and plan revisions to the cloud so that everyone has access no matter where they are. Being connected is our way of ensuring every project goes smoothly.


Our team of multi-certified managers and supervisors are highly experienced in job safety. Our managers are OSHA certified to handle each project with care and sensitivity to every unique job site. By ensuring on-site safety on every project we work on throughout Southern California, Precision Fire Protection has developed positive relationships with our General Contractors.

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