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Contract Awarded – Orange Grove Multi-Family Development

Contract Awarded – Orange Grove Multi-Family Development

Contract Awarded!

We are pleased be working on yet another modern multi-family/multi-use project. Precision Fire Protection will be installing new fire sprinkler system as well as underground work and FDC connections. Special thanks to GC, Construct LA, for adding our team to more well managed work!

Scope Of Work

Provide installation of a new overhead fire sprinkler system throughout proposed 5-story apartment building over two levels of subterranean parking, as shown on provided plans and specifications.

Building construction is type III-A over I-A. Systems to comply with the City of Los Angeles Building and Safety as well as NFPA-13, 2016 requirements for R-2 & S-2 occupancies.

Sprinkler coverage will be provided throughout structure. Heads will be spaced for ordinary occupancies. Fire sprinkler spacing to be a maximum of 130 sq. ft. & 256 sq. ft. in light hazard areas.

Work shall include all materials, labor, plans and plan submittal, rough & final fire sprinkler inspections.

Fire sprinklers in new scope of work to be new quick response per NFPA 13 2016.

Fire sprinkler riser to include electronic flow switch, and electronic 10-inch fire bell (installation of bell by others & wiring to bell and flow switch also to be done by others)

All above ground piping shall be CPVC, steel sch. 7, 10, 30 & 40 with threaded and or grooved/mechanical fittings.

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