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    • Los Angeles, CA

Project Overview

Orange Grove Multi-Family Development – Los Angeles

Scope of Work

  • Provide installation of a new overhead fire sprinkler system throughout proposed 5-story apartment building over two levels of subterranean parking, as shown on provided plans and specifications.
  • Building construction is type III-A over I-A. Systems to comply with the City of Los Angeles Building and Safety as well as NFPA-13, 2016 requirements for R-2 & S-2 occupancies.
  • Sprinkler coverage will be provided throughout structure. Heads will be spaced for ordinary occupancies. Fire sprinkler spacing to be a maximum of 130 sq. ft. & 256 sq. ft. in light hazard areas.
  • Work shall include all materials, labor, plans and plan submittal, rough & final fire sprinkler inspections.
  • Fire sprinklers in new scope of work to be new quick response per NFPA 13 2016
  • Fire sprinkler riser to include electronic flow switch, and electronic 10-inch fire bell (installation of bell by others & wiring to bell and flow switch also to be done by others)
  • All above ground piping shall be CPVC, steel sch. 7, 10, 30 & 40 with threaded and or grooved/mechanical fittings.
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