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Project Overview

PROJECT: Valex – Ventura

Scope of Work

Scope of work:

  1. Install new 4” and 2 ½” mains to increase flow to clean room per plans.
  2. Replace the system in Clean Room #3.
  3. Connect Drops in Clean Room #1-2.
  4. Install Wax Upright Fire Sprinklers into new piping.
  5. Remove the existing system from the warehouse. (Provide plastic on all piping being removed)
  6. Material removal from site of all old demolished piping.
  7. Automatic air release vents to be installed into fire sprinkler systems.
  8. Fire sprinklers in the new scope of work to be new quick response per NFPA 13 2016
  9. All piping to meet local and NFPA 13 2016 standards and the City of Ventura Fire Department.
  10. Work shall include all materials, labor, Engineering, plans, and rough and final inspections.
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