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    • Oxnard, CA

Project Overview

Solid’s Processing Building – Oxnard

Scope of Work

  • Demolish existing fire sprinkler branches and heads, Existing fire sprinkler riser to remain defined in section 13100.2 of Specs.
  • New Sprinkler coverage will be provided below and above ceilings as needed on three floors as shown on provide As-Builds dated 9.14.1988.
  • In addition, any repairs needed in direct relation to new fire sprinkler system shall be provided. (Hangers, Bracing etc.).
  • Existing upright coverage shall remain the same with no change. Heads will be spaced ordinary hazard for “F-1” occupancies.
  • Fire Sprinkler Heads installed under T-Bar shall be center of tile respectively.
  • Fire sprinklers in new scope of work to be new quick response per NFPA 13 2016.
  • All piping to be added and/or relocated are to meet local and NFPA 13 2016 standards and the City of Oxnard Fire Department.
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