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Project Overview


Scope of Work

Scope of work:

  1. Provide high piled storage analysis.
  2. Provide installation of new overhead fire sprinkler systems throughout the proposed east wing of 7418 Hollister Building (Suite 120 & Suite 110), as shown on provided plans and specifications.
  3. Building construction is type IB approximately 32,000 ft.² in total floor area. Systems to comply with the County of Santa Barbara Fire Department as well as NFPA-13, 2019 requirements for ESFR Storage and “B” occupancies.
  4. Install new ESFR Fire Sprinkler System per NFPA Requirements in high piled storage area only as noted on plans.
  5. Heads will be spaced for ordinary, light and extra hazard occupancies. Fire sprinkler spacing for EFSR to be a maximum of 100SF and Office space 13SF.
  6. Includes additional new riser, hangers, seismic bracing, mains, branch lines, and drops.
  7. Precision Fire’s point of connection to be 6” above finished floor and secondary water supply at 6” main ran from adjacent tenant.
  8. Fire sprinkler riser to include electronic flow switch, and electronic 10-inch fire bell (installation of the bell by others & wiring to bell and flow switch also to be done by others)
  9. Fire sprinklers in the new scope of work to be new quick response per NFPA 13 2019.
  10. All above-ground piping shall be but not limited to steel sch. 7, 10, 30 & 40 with threaded and/or Victaulic grooved/mechanical fittings.
  11. Work shall include all materials, labor, plans, design/hydraulic calculations, shop drawings, design coordination meetings, plan submittal, rough & final fire sprinkler inspections.
  12. Design-Build Engineering will be provided for this project.
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