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    • Ojai, CA

Project Overview

Golden Pool House – Ojai

Scope of Work

  1. Provide full fire sprinkler coverage throughout proposed residence as required per NFPA 13D and jurisdiction requirements of City of Los Angeles Building and Safety
  2. Estimated two days to complete work.
  3. At least one English speaking foreman.
  4. Building construction is type V-B. Systems to comply with the County of Ventura Fire Department as well as NFPA-13D, 2019 requirements for “R3” occupancies.
  5. Sprinkler coverage will be provided through out structures. Heads will be spaced for light hazard residential, fire sprinkler spacing to be at maximum 256 sq. ft.
  6. Also, to include labor, system design and hydraulic calculations, plan submittal and approval, and rough & final fire department inspections.
  7. All sprinkler heads shall be quick response concealed.
  8. Fire sprinkler riser to include, electronic flow switch, and electronic 6-inch fire bell (installation of bell, wiring of bell & flow switch by others)
  9. Work shall include all materials, labor, In-house Engineering and plan submittal, rough and final inspections.
  10. Custom Fire Sprinkler Covers available upon request outside white, black or chrome.
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