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    • Hollywood, CA

Project Overview

Madame Tussauds – Hollywood, CA

Scope of Work

  1. Relocation or modifications of existing branch lines and or mains
  2. Permit and Inspection Fees.
  3. System shutdown fees.
  4. Prevailing Wage labor rates, State or Federal.
  5. All electrical fire alarm work, mounting of fire alarm bells and monitoring.
  6. Covering or insulation of pipe.
  7. Fire stopping, draft stopping, patching of any kind or filling of cored or drilled holes.
  8. Any extra work required by fire inspector, not part of tenant improvement scope of work.
  9. Protection of fire sprinkler heads from damage and paint after being installed.
  10. All electrical fire alarm work, mounting of fire alarm bells and monitoring.
  11. Saw cutting of concrete, asphalt, drywall, etc., of any kind.
  12. Any painting of pipe.
  13. Structural calculations.
  14. Plans/As Built Plans, If not required by permit.
  15. Access panels.
  16. Concrete hole coring and or saw cutting.
  17. 5-year certification.
  18. Coring through steel or wood beams.
  19. Unforeseen damages and or repairs.
  20. All metal welding.
  21. High Pile Storage Analysis.
  22. Expediting of plans.
  23. Fire extinguishers.
  24. Rerouting pipe per aesthetic/cosmetic requests by owner or clients not required by NFPA.
  25. Any fees from management, or Outlet Center.
  26. Any upright coverage upgrades for combustible spaces above acoustical tiles/ceilings due to new or existing obstructions not shown on plans.
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