• Industry
    • Commercial
    • Location
    • Ventura, CA

Project Overview

Ventura APCD Offices – Ventura

Scope of Work

  1. Demolition of existing sprinkler pendents and drops and plug them for new office layout/t-bar grid.
  2. Sprinkler coverage will be provided below new suspended and hard lid ceilings only as shown on provided plans and specifications.
  3. Existing upright coverage shall remain the same with no change. Heads will be spaced light hazard for “B” occupancies.
  4. Fire Sprinkler Heads installed under T-Bar shall be center of tile respectively.
  5. Fire sprinklers in new scope of work to be new quick response per NFPA 13 2019.
  6. All piping to be added and/or relocated are to meet local and NFPA 13 2016 standards and the City of Ventura Fire Department.
  7. Work shall include all materials, prevailing wage labor, plans, shop drawings, plan submittal, rough and final inspections.
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